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Shanghai Marathon
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The Shanghai Marathon 2020 is the first Platinum Label Road Race of WORLD ATHLETICS. This means that it is one of the most important and well-organized races in the world. The route will be through some of the most iconic parts of Shanghai, including the Bund and Pudong districts. There is a half marathon option, as well as a 10k race.

Shanghai International Marathon

The Shanghai Marathon is an annual marathon race that takes place in Shanghai, China. The race starts and finishes in the Pudong district of Shanghai. The course passes through several of Shanghai’s landmarks, including the Bund, the Nanpu Bridge, and Century Park. The race has been held annually since 2005. It is one of the biggest marathons in Asia, with over 20,000 runners participating each year.

The Shanghai Marathon is an annual marathon race that takes place in Shanghai, China. The event was first held in 1996 and has been held every year since then.

The Shanghai Marathon is one of the most prestigious races in the world. Held annually in late October, the race features both a men’s and women’s division. The course record for the men’s division was set in 2015 by Kenyan Paul Lonyangata with a time of 2:07:14 hours. The record for the women’s division was set in 2018 by Ethiopian Yebrgual Melese with a time of 2:20:36 hours.

DateMen’s winnerTimeWomen’s winnerTime
2020.11.29 Jia’s Renjia (CHN)2:12:44 Li Zhixuan (CHN)2:26:39
2019.11.17 Paul Lonyangata (KEN)2:08:11 Yebrgual Melese (ETH)2:23:19
2018.11.18 Seyefu Tura (ETH)2:09:18 Yebrgual Melese (ETH)2:20:36
2017.11.12 Stephen Mokoka (RSA)2:08:35 Roza Dereje (ETH)2:22:43
2016.10.30 Stephen Mokoka (RSA)2:10:18 Roza Dereje (ETH)2:26:18
2015.11.08 Paul Lonyangata (KEN)2:07:14 Rael Kinyara (KEN)2:26:23
2014.11.02 Stephen Mokoka (RSA)2:08:43 Tigist Tufa (ETH)2:21:52
2013.12.01 Stephen Mokoka (RSA)2:09:29 Aberu Kebede (ETH)2:23:28
2012.12.02 Sylvester Teimet (KEN)2:09:01 Feyse Tadese (ETH)2:23:07
2011.12.04 Willy Koitile (KEN)2:10:21 Kebebush Haile (ETH)2:24:08
2010.12.05 Gashaw Asfaw (ETH)2:11:36 Nailiya Yulamanova (RUS)2:26:05
2009.11.29 Gashaw Asfaw (ETH)2:10:10 Wei Yanan (CHN)2:27:49
2008.11.30 Gashaw Asfaw (ETH)2:09:29 Irina Timofeyeva (RUS)2:26:19
2007.11.25 Samy Tum (KEN)2:13:01 Lidia Șimon (ROM)2:29:28
2006.11.26 Paul Korir (KEN)2:15:25 Zhang Xin (CHN)2:32:07
2005.11.26 Han Gang (CHN)2:13:22 Zhang Shujing (CHN)2:34:25
2004.11.13 Benson Mbithi (KEN)2:17:55 Wei Yanan (CHN)2:30:37
2003.11.15 Jiang Chengguo (CHN)2:22:23 Qie Liping (CHN)2:46:45
2002.11.09 Katsumi Tsuchiya (JPN)2:19:02 Zhang Shujing (CHN)2:30:43
2001.12.08 Zhan Donglin (CHN)2:18:58 Zhang Shujing (CHN)2:31:54
2000.11.12 Hailu Negussie (ETH)2:18:17 Zhong Guoshang (CHN)2:46:49
1999.11.14 Auan Caoman (NZL)2:22:29 Fiona McKee (NZL)2:52:07
1998.11.01 Lu Zhenghua (CHN)2:24:02 Bu Hailing (CHN)2:49:55
1997.11.30 Lu Zhenghua (CHN)2:19:01 Wang Benzhi (CHN)3:03:14
1996.09.28 Gao Changhai (CHN)2:23:39 Chiaki Shigaki (JPN)2:47:54

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Shanghai Marathon is the most beautiful marathon in the world. If you are looking for an amazing race experience and want to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, then this is the marathon for you!