Branding – GoFitRun is a growing global online based sportswear brand. We are offering easy access to varieties of products with a view to attracting more customers by providing quality service. Establishing a brand value is pivotal in any business. Our main focus on creating a brand value which our partners and dealers can use and develop our markets globally. This could be a local outlet partnership or an international one. As long as the purpose of the branding is served, we are open to the dealership.
Quality and price – We do not compromise with the quality of the products. Customer’s satisfaction is the first priority. Customers run the business. If they aren’t fully satisfied, a business can’t be operated smoothly. We, as a wholesale sportswear outlet, offer the best price in the market without reducing the quality of each product.
Distributor – In order to ensure a good dealership, we ensure maximum profits for our dealers. It opens the door for future collaboration as well as developing a sustainable, suitable business. We understand the needs of the dealers. This is teamwork, where we make sure everyone is getting benefitted. By ensuring benefits and profits, we indirectly extend the possibility of getting referrals and doing further business. In any kind of business, reputation plays a key role. Therefore, we work on creating good relationships with everyone.
Digital Marketing Services – In terms of the local outlet partnership, we give our best effort to brand locally. It allows our partners to get acquainted with the current market. As a consequence, they get better sales from the local market. The current digital market sometimes can be unpredictable, yet we have expert team members who keep close eyes on the situation of the current market so that our business doesn’t experience any unwanted circumstance. Trade Mark: We aim to create a global trademark for “GoFitRun”. This can’t be achieved overnight. We allow our key partners, dealers to operate their business in their own style. Our purpose is to provide assistance to all of our partners with a view to extending our brand locally.